Good ideas in the blood? Become part of our team.

Each career is individual and based on its own decisions. With the diversity of our companies and divisions, we give you many opportunities to make the best choice for your career.

As a consultant in the Kerkhoff Group, you will get to know various companies and project topics within a very short time. Through our specialization in purchasing, supply chain and production, you will become an expert in these areas and directly influence the entrepreneurial success of our clients.

In conversation with Kathleen Buddenkotte

The name Kerkhoff is associated with purchasing. How has the company developed since its foundation 20 years ago?

Buddenkotte: It's true that everything started with purchasing, which is the foundation of our current know-how. Since we have grown with the requirements of our customers, we now offer a wide range of consulting services. The Kerkhoff Group comprises highly specialized companies around the topics: Purchasing, supply chain and lean management, cost and value engineering, risk & compliance, supporting software solutions and personnel management.

That sounds like complex and demanding tasks.

Buddenkotte: They are indeed very exciting contents with a great deal of scope for personal responsibility. Not only because cooperation with our customers always takes place at eye level, but also because success is quickly visible and measurable for the customer.

Doesn't this also require the cooperation of many experts with a wide range of knowledge?

Buddenkotte: Yes, that's why we have interdisciplinary teams. It is also the reason why we are looking for junior consultants with different qualifications.

What should you have studied?

Buddenkotte: For example, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and business administration with specialisations such as production, purchasing, supply chain and lean management as well as logistics or operations. We are looking for highly motivated and committed talents who cover a wide range of topics.

How do you get started?

Buddenkotte: Through direct involvement in project work. Learning-by-doing during customer assignments is what our interns and beginners most want.

They are based in Düsseldorf and Vienna. Do I have to live there?

Buddenkotte: Our consultants come from various regions. It doesn't matter where they live. Since the majority of the assignments take place on-site at the customer's and we focus on mobile working. Through our events and regular meetings in our office in the heart of Düsseldorf, the employees are well integrated into our internal network.