We want our employees to be satisfied with us in the long term.


The working world is changing and Kerkhoff is changing with it. We offer many benefits - we offer attractive benefits so that our employees (and their families) feel completely at ease. From flexible working time models and diverse assignments to individual development opportunities, a workplace with state-of-the-art technology and an attractive salary with special benefits.



Team events & activities

Regular sports and employee events such as company runs, table tennis tournaments, football training, public viewing are at least as important to us as celebrating carnival, summer and Christmas as our regular team evenings from canoeing to Segway tours.


In spite of the many different project assignments, our employees meet regularly to exchange ideas and grow together, be it for forums with a content character or informal get-togethers with drinks and snacks on our Fridays.

Modern & flexible work

Our offices are located in the heart of Düsseldorf and Vienna and are easily accessible by public transport (train, car sharing, electric scooters and e-scooters). In addition, we offer flexible and mobile working using the latest technology to meet the private needs of our employees.

Parking in the city

We offer all employees travelling by private car inexpensive employee parking spaces in the surrounding multi-storey car parks, which can also be used for private weekend strolls in the city.

Bicycle for breaks

Every employee has the opportunity to use the Kerkhoff bicycles at the Düsseldorf location for his individual break design. A short trip to the Rhine in summer is the perfect little time-out.

Break islands 

We also provide indoor recreation facilities with various kitchens, dining areas, a living room as well as table football and table tennis equipment.

Special holidays

We offer an attractive holiday arrangement which, combined with various special holiday days, already includes more than 30 days of holiday in the introductory year. In special life situations we give additional vacation days. We also make longer periods of leave possible, taking into account the project situation.

Joint provision 

In cooperation with external insurance experts, we already check your company pension documents upon entry and integrate them into the Kerkhoff pension concept. In addition, the experts are available at any time for consultations on old-age provision.

Growing together

As a medium-sized consultancy, we promote the growth of our employees through responsibility and development opportunities in various roles within the company. Career prospects are supported by regular feedback and exchange opportunities.

Know-How Development

Trends, technologies and methods play a superficial role for the knowledge advantage as a consultant. For this reason, we regularly offer in-house training courses with internal multipliers and external trainers, but also take care of external individual coaching for individual topics at any time.

Beverage and vitamin flats

Various types of water and soft drinks are freely available at all times, as are fully automatic coffee machines and tea offers. To cover your daily vitamin requirements, a colourfully filled fruit basket is available at the reception every day.