"Kerkhoff is small enough to be personally noticed and individually supported."

Johannes Kobbeloer studied economics and has been working for Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement as a manager since 2016.

How did you join the Kerkhoff Group?
The position was advertised, I quickly had an interview and started four weeks later. The name Kerkhoff hadn't been familiar to me until then, nor had I really dealt with purchasing consultancies. So everything came by chance and fit. And now I can do nothing more than purchasing! ?

Why did you choose Kerkhoff?
For me as a practitioner, it was the best entry option into the consulting world. Kerkhoff is small enough to be personally noticed and individually supported. I can work with great people and exciting clients. We stand for a strong brand and are owner-managed. So there are no sales-driven shareholders, but a constant identification with corporate decision-makers and managers.

What makes a Kerkhoff consultant?
We implement the developed approaches together with our clients and do not only deliver theoretical strategies with which the client is left alone. Quality and the relationship of trust with the customer are top priorities. Kerkhoff consultants are always at eye level with their clients, never from above!

What do you like best about your job?
I have a lot of freedom in the design of my work and I like the extreme variety: new customers, new questions and the close connection to current market and technology trends. And at the end of the day, the confirmation that you have created real added value for the customer is what counts.

What does an ideal colleague look like for you and why?
Open, communicative, technically strong, flexible, in the best case with "consultant gene". For our consultant job, you have to have a certain affinity - that's what you have or don't have.

How do you reconcile family, leisure and job as a consultant?
You just do it! The flexibility of working time and place of work allows me to reconcile family and job very well since my start at Kerkhoff. Mobile phone and laptop are all I need to work. Many parts of my work are independent of time and place. So I often manage to put my children to bed and work through some things afterwards.

What is your favorite pastime?
Cooking and playing Bibi & Tina with my daughters (I am mostly Holger...)

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