"I love to play new roles all the time."

Katharina Weber studied economics and joined Kerkhoff Negotiations in 2018 as Senior Lead Negotiator.

How did you join the Kerkhoff Group?
The founding of Kerkhoff Negotiations drew my attention to the company. With its focus on medium-sized businesses, the Kerkhoff Group structure is the ideal partner for a new company that has a new idea but no network yet. There was a lot of female power in the onboarding conversation and I quickly felt at home.

What makes Kerkhoff suitable for you?
We are a team of game theorists who complement each other wonderfully in a group. We learn from each other and together we can offer something that is not yet available on the market.

What was your first professional experience at Kerkhoff? 
That was an exciting major project with a team of ten men, across all companies. There were of course many discussions, but everything at eye level - with a very diverse but committed team.

What do you like best about your job? 
The constant challenge of successfully managing new situations, creating concepts, developing ideas and initiating, accompanying and ensuring their implementation. I can constantly slip into new roles and that's great: sometimes it's important that I bring structure into discussions and take over the moderation, sometimes I'm a negotiation expert and can design an optimal approach and then implement it. As a coach and trainer, I motivate people and support them in going beyond themselves. All in all, it is an exciting mix of communication and analytical approach.

What does an ideal colleague look like for you and why?
Ideal characteristics would be independence, self-confidence and strong communication skills in order to implement your own ideas and to be able to stand up to your customers. Expertise in a specific area is indispensable in order to bring a new perspective into the discussion. We need team players who are interested and involved, because a team can overcome many problems and hurdles if the members stand together, support each other and pull together.

How do you reconcile family, leisure and job as a consultant?
You need willpower to "pull through" friends and sports, even if you may be tired. It is important to be able to decide when the hut burns and when you can leave something for a short time.

What is your favourite pastime?
I love sports (volleyball, tennis, surfing, skiing & snowboarding) and uncomplicated travelling, preferably everything without planning, just to let yourself drift.

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