"My duties will be adjusted so that I can combine my job and my university studies."

Marit Funke studies business administration and business psychology and has been working as a working student in the human resources department since 2018. 

Your job in three words?
Versatile, challenging, responsible.

How did you join the Kerkhoff Group? 
While looking for a job that was compatible with my studies, I came across the job advertisement on the Internet.

Why did you choose Kerkhoff? 
The interview was already very friendly and motivating. As a medium-sized company, Kerkhoff also offers me insights into all areas of human resources.

What was your first professional experience at Kerkhoff? 
I worked full-time for the first time during the semester break! And right from the start there were many different tasks.

What do you like best about your job?  
It is great that I get new challenging tasks every day, that I can work very independently and that there is a lot of trust in me.

What does an ideal colleague look like for you and why?
We "non-consultants" spend a lot of time together in the office, so it is important to me that you can rely on each other and that you laugh a lot!

How many hours a week do you work? 
Twenty - my tasks are adapted so that I can combine job and university well.

What is your favourite pastime?
Sports and cooking :)

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