"Consultant job and promotion at the same time - that works."

Martin Rademacher studied Business Administration and has been working for the Kerkhoff Group since 2016 - first as a consultant and now as Business Development Manager.

How did you join the Kerkhoff Group?
I made my first professional steps in sales at a typical medium-sized company in the paint and varnish industry. While working, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.  This was followed by a Master's degree for two years. After this long period of book rolling, I wanted to work in a private company again. That's how I came to Kerkhoff. A stroke of luck, because there I was able to tackle my doctorate at the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt parallel to my job.

Your job in three words?
Customer acquisition, network maintenance and offer preparation.

What makes the Kerkhoff Group suitable for you?
I like the open and personal atmosphere among my colleagues and our focus on medium-sized clients. The tasks are extremely varied and the way we work is both challenging and stimulating. 

What was your first professional experience at Kerkhoff?
I was part of the project team for a housing company. We created a concept for the standardization of vacant flat renovations.

What makes a Kerkhoff consultant?
We are perceptive, analytical and creative thinkers. And we are eloquent and empathic. A Kerkhoff consultant is an entrepreneurial type and an understanding of medium-sized businesses.

What do you like best about your job?
I like the large number of companies whose challenges I look at in order to then put together the right solution proposal from the portfolio of Kerkhoff products. Of course, I also like the direct customer contact and everything around business initiation, offer presentation and project initiation.

What does an ideal colleague look like for you and why?
He can be enthusiastic about people, make their problems his own and find solutions together with them.

How do you reconcile family, leisure and job as a consultant?
Flexible working hours and a home office make it easier to do sports early in the morning or to do one or two tasks in the evening.

What is your favourite pastime?
Berlin 😊

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