"I like the entrepreneurial mentality - together we want to create added value for our customers and not just produce paper and film."

Susanne Gessert completed her Master of Business Administration in London and Boston and joined Kerkhoff Consulting in 2012 - today as Senior Manager.

How did you join the Kerkhoff Group?
I simply researched the Internet. I didn't know Kerkhoff Consulting in advance.

Why did you choose Kerkhoff?
After the personal interview, I had the best gut feeling at Kerkhoff. And that continues to this day! Many individualists work here who nevertheless see themselves as a team and support each other. Kerkhoff gives me a lot of flexibility - for example when I work as a lecturer at university - and challenges me anew with every project. No two days are the same and every day I learn something. I also like the entrepreneurial mentality - together we want to create added value for our customers and not just produce paper and films. What's more, there's no "up or out" here. Everyone is given the time to develop themselves and bring in their strengths, regardless of whether it is the classic "partner track" or rather a technical development.

What was the first professional experience at Kerkhoff?
I had to jump headlong into the cold water and fight my way through a three-week potential analysis. During this time I worked every day from nine o'clock to midnight. Then I went to the east of the republic for six months. It was a great time, the colleagues from that time are still some of my closest contacts today.

What makes a Kerkhoff consultant?
Everybody is different and yet we are all the same: with an affinity for implementation, an approach, with a team mentality.

What do you like best about your job?
No two days are the same! I am not a "nine-to-five job person" and am regularly looking forward to the challenge of being able to start somewhere new. I like the "intoxication" at the beginning of a new project up to the satisfaction of having achieved a great result together with the customer at the end.

What does an ideal colleague look like for you and why?
One does not exist - all colleagues are unique. 😊

How do you reconcile family, leisure and job as a consultant?
As much work as there is in consulting, as much flexibility there is. Homeoffice, no fixed working hours and general mobility allow for compatibility. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that the quantity of free time is less than in a "normal" job.

What is your favourite pastime?
Sports (from Body Pump to Pilates), meeting friends & family, delicious food, travelling, hiking and my garden.

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